marchio Faccoli
Faccoli Franciacorta

The Faccoli style

The "bubble" has an infinite charm:
the development of the wine, the different
interpretations of the method...


Aging a bottle on the lees, or on the top,
we can express the vintage year,
the grape harvest, the work in the cellar.
When our Franciacorta is finally ready,
it always surprises us.

The beginnings

When Faccoli brothers began to make
sparkling wine, they were twenty. And the style
wasn't a problem: until the 80s they didn't use
the liquer, and their only product was a very dry brut.
They began to detail the production according
to the sugar dosage to follow the market
and the style became an issue.

The intuition

The dry and powerful bubbles of the first
disgorgements fully met their personal taste,
and they knew not to love supple sparkling
wines.. Gian Mario also loved developed
bubbles, old wines. Faccoli style
was the result of an intuition.
In 1986 they stacked some bottles in baskets,
with the intention to leave them there for 10 years.
Meanwhile, they began to offer basically
dry and winey products.

The wine aged 10 years on the lees,
the Vintage 10 Anni, was a confirmation:
it appeared mature and particular, and had held
the time.

Style - Faccoli Franciacorta

Franciacorta Faccoli wines
are recognized by the sugar dosage,
always very low, but sugar
is not the sole interpreter
of the individual types.
The development on the lees
of the cuvée defines
the character of each type.

Le typologies of Franciacorta Faccoli

After the second fermentation, the amount
of time that wine spent on the remains of the lees
defines the complexity of the sensory profile;
it is the yeast that, at this stage, gives
aroma and taste to each product.

The company produces a Rosè Brut
dominated by freshness and a "disengaged", Brut
“unsophisticated”, and easy to drink. The Extra Brut
is the most representative bubble: dry
and complex, in balance between freshness, structure
and evolutionary richness. The Dosaggio Zero
is the most authentic expression of the concept of
“development on the lees” and embodies, in fact, the corporate
philosophy. And finally Dégorgement Tardif,
but that's another story...

Style - Faccoli Franciacorta

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