marchio Faccoli
Faccoli Franciacorta

FranciacortaExtra Brut

The extra brut is dosed according
to the vintage year and the time spent
on the lees, but always very little.
You taste the wine for what it is
and its value lies in the fact that
the bottle ends immediately...

Franciacorta Extra Brut is the least communicated
type in the territory: it addresses to a particular
audience, given the minimal dose; it is suitable for
gourmets looking for products outside
the conventional criteria of pleasantness. Faccoli
Extra Brut is the type that marks the company, the product
where it is identified and through which it seeks
the affirmation of its brand.

Faccoli Extra Brut

60% Chardonnay
20% Pinot Blanc
20% Pinot Noir


min. 20 months
on the lees

Total acidity

6,5 gr liter

Reducing sugars

‹ 1 gr liter

Total so2

‹ 70 mg/l

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