marchio Faccoli
Faccoli Franciacorta

The knowledge

Seize the local
character and interpret it
with the traditional method.


The cellar is the home of 50.000 bottles
that we produce every year; and it is the space
where the work in the vineyard meets our experience
to become wine, and then bubbles.

Knowledge - Faccoli Franciacorta
In vineyard

The care of vineyards has always been put into
the hands of Gian Mario. The work is aimed at achieving
grapes whose features move to wine and then
to the final bubble.


The company works with respect in the country, using
the normal cycle of treatment. The manual care
of the plants, allowed by the modest extension
of vineyards, allows to collect healthy
grapes when the growth is not yet complete,
in order to preserve acidity, an essential
component of a long-lived bubble.

Knowledge - Faccoli Franciacorta
In cellar

Grapes of each vineyard come instantly in the cellar, and are
individually vinified. Faccoli Franciacorta are obtained
from grapes of one vintage year, they are
potentially always vintage.


Claudio deals with the vinification with
one purpose: to intervene as little as possible
in the wine, in order to keep intact the features
of the grapes: an expression of the territory
during the year.

Knowledge - Faccoli Franciacorta

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