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Faccoli Franciacorta

FranciacortaExtra Brut Dégorgement Tardif

Vintage “10 years old”
is a gamble, for the desire
to go further, to question the territory
and the common taste, striking
the imagination of those who,
like us, are mad about the bubble!

Exceptional and precious product, 10 anni
Franciacorta Reserve
is an extra brut dosed up to 1 or 2
grams, extremely developed and complex, to be tasted
with a free mind. Inspired by the great
expressions of classical French method, it is made
possible by the unique territory of Mount Orfano,
and Faccoli company offers it without mediation.

Extra Brut 2006 D.T. 2016

65% Chardonnay
30% Pinot Blanc
5% Pinot Noir


108 months
on the lees

Total acidity

6,4 gr liter

Reducing sugars

‹ 2 gr liter

Total so2

‹ 50 mg/l

A vineyard starts producing after 3 years.
A Franciacorta can be named in this way, after 18 months on the lees.
If you have a craze for the development, you could wait for 4 years
before disgorging some products.

If you are “crazy” like us,
you get into your head that after 3.650 days,
the wine can become exceptional...

The intuition

Gian Mario loved the developed bubbles,
the “old wines”. For this in 1986 Faccoli brothers stowed
in the cellar fifty Franciacorta bottles
of the vintage year, to see what kind of development
their wine would have had. After ten years they
uncorked them... It was an extremely mature and very
complex wine, that didn't fully
convince them.

It was the turn of 1987. They left 170 bottles
aside. This time wine was powerful. Bone-dry, very
developed but still fresh. It remained to see
whether, in addition to them, someone else
could appreciate a so extreme Franciacorta. They
subjected the 1987 vintage wine to some customers,
expert tasters of bubbles. They were amazed, but
then they bought all the available bottles of wine:
it was a strange but compelling Franciacorta!

Vintage 10 Years Old,
in its extreme nature,
is the synthesis of the style
of all the Faccoli bubbles:
absolutely dry and
totally "wine".

The excellence

In 1989, a product like Vintage 10 years old
was unique in Franciacorta. The company decided to use
the stage of Vinitaly, making it known to the general public.
Among tastes wrong-footed by the development
of the wine and amazed comments of those who didn't
believe in the madness of the project,
the Vintage 10 Anni began to get itself
talked about.

Testo05: Year after year the demand to taste the
vintage increased, and soon the appointment
of Vinitaly became an opportunity to cultivate
relationships with fans and
admirers of the developed bubbles.
Vintage 10 Anni is the company's excellence,
whose appeal does't escape the still
skeptical tasters!

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