marchio Faccoli
Faccoli Franciacorta


We don't do anything to maintain
young a wine, and the zero expresses
all its natural development; however,
it maintains complexity and freshness,
and a long persistence.

Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero is the last marketed product.
It represents the research of the company,
made possible by the experience gained through years
of sparkling process. It addresses to curious gourmets,
lovers of wines of structure, ready to read the nuances
of the vintage year in the wine, to experience tactile
and particular sensations and to venture
on unusual combinations.

Faccoli Dosaggio zero 2012

65% Chardonnay
30% Pinot Blanc
5% Pinot Noir


min. 48 months
on the lees

Total acidity

6,5 gr liter

Reducing sugars

‹ 1 gr liter

Total so2

‹ 50 mg/l

Dosaggio Zero - Faccoli Franciacorta
The research

In 1996 the company had a requirement.
The experience of 17 years of bubbles was used
to structure the production style and the character
of Faccoli Franciacorta; there was no bubble
which could synthesize the traditional method
and express the nature: development of wine and maceration of lees.
From this research was born Dosaggio Zero:
a bubble that is not dosing, disgorged
and replenished with the same wine after
48 months on the lees.

The lee, acting on the components
that vine, territory and vintage
year have transferred to the wine,
is the author of the bubble's taste.

The first evidence dates from the 1996 grape harvest,
but at the time of disgorgement, in 2001,
the wine was matured, and closed bitter.
The 1997 wine, however, after 4 years,
didn't achieve a good structure. The 1998 wine
was disgorged in 2003: it was powerful! From 1998
onwards the Dosaggio Zero shows every year,
the great potential of the territory
and the vintage year.

Beautiful, rich, complex,
fresh and vigorous,
a bubble without "lifting",
but with exceptional character.

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